a community operating system
tompkins county, all in one place
sell, trade or share something
discover events
make requests
buy the things you need
promote your events or services
share news and information
connect to your neighbors
find a ride
start a conversation
follow topics and ideas
meet a collaborator
events & activites
Find music, meetings, classes, performances, kids activities, yard sales and more. Or, promote your own events.
check out local events
goods & services
Buy, sell, share and trade with others in the community. Post what you have to offer, or request what you need.
browse goods and services
information & ideas
Keep up with local news, discover useful information, and engage in dicussions with your neighbors, or the public.
explore info & topics

a virtual community center

Swidjit is a tool for connecting with your city, town, neighborhood, or campus. Here's how you can use it:



Swidjit can help you inform others about what you wish to sell, share, trade, find, learn, promote or discuss. Whether you are representing a business, organization, or yourself, Swidjit can help you be seen and heard.



Swidjit can help you find the resources and opportunities you need. Visit to browse local goods, services, events and information organized by categories, tags, popularity, location or personal relevance.



As you find useful or interesting content on the Swidjit network, you can easily share it, discuss it, and organize it for later access. You can also subscribe to specific topics, organizations or people to stay in touch with what matters to you.

we have a big problem...


our community connections have eroded. our local knowledge has been forgotten. the community web of resources and relationships that once sustained us has been replaced by a global economic beast that is compromising our future. it's urgent that we evolve our culture and figure out a more efficient and interdependent way to live.

... but there's a big solution


the community operating system will change all this. In such a scenario, the same technologies that currently power social networks, online marketplaces, ad services and recommendation engines, will instead be used to provide seemless access to the community resources and opportunities that can help us.

about us...

Swidjit is a startup based in the beautiful city of Ithaca, NY. Our mission is to provide the techological infrastructure for more connected and collaborative cities. We are currently operating just in Tompkins County, NY where we are working to prove our concept. You'll find out more about us from the menu at right.'

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